Reflections with Stefon Harris

Since his 1998 Blue Note recording debut as a leader,  A CLOUD OF RED DUST, vibraphonist Stefon Harris has been heralded as “one of the most important young artists in Jazz”. While continuing to honor the trail laid before him by masters such as Lionel Hampton, Milt Jackson and Bobby Hutcherson, Stefon has been blazing … Continue reading

Reflections with ZaDell: Zoe & Dave Ellis

One of the most noteworthy recordings of the past few years is Zoe Ellis LIVE at ANNA’S JAZZ ISLAND, an intricate blend of Jazzy melodies and funky grooves which not only captures the smoldering  passion of Zoe’s soul stirring vocals, but also marks the producing debut of Dave Ellis, renowned saxophonist and Zoe’s big brother. … Continue reading