Reflections with Ursula Rucker

Ursula Rucker has been opening ears with her thought provoking poetry / wordsongs for nearly 20 years.  Through her stories, insights, experiences and observations she shares her quest for honesty and truth. Her passionate delivery and wide range of topics has led to collaborations with a vast array of creative sonic architects including King Britt, … Continue reading

Reflections with Regina Carter

Since first gaining national attention as a member of the multifaceted Jazz group STRAIGHT AHEAD violinist Regina Carter has become recognized as one of the premier artisans of her instrument. Receiving universal acclaim as a solo artist, Regina’s versatility has been appreciated by not only Jazz fans and musicians but also artists as diverse as … Continue reading

Reflections with Marcus Shelby

Marcus Shelby first gained major public attention with the hard swinging unit BLACKNOTE and their debut recording from the indie label of rhythm master Billy Higgins (World Stage Records) in 1991. After four recordings from Blacknote the bassist/composer began seeking different avenues for his  musical expressions. From writing and recording with poet D Knowledge, Savage … Continue reading

Reflections with Larry Graham

Since his introduction in 1966 with Sly & the Family Stone, bassist Larry Graham has become one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. His innovative style of bass playing impacted not only his contemporaries, but has had major effect on every electric bassist to follow. From his success as a member of … Continue reading

Reflections with Stefon Harris

Since his 1998 Blue Note recording debut as a leader,  A CLOUD OF RED DUST, vibraphonist Stefon Harris has been heralded as “one of the most important young artists in Jazz”. While continuing to honor the trail laid before him by masters such as Lionel Hampton, Milt Jackson and Bobby Hutcherson, Stefon has been blazing … Continue reading

Reflections with ZaDell: Zoe & Dave Ellis

One of the most noteworthy recordings of the past few years is Zoe Ellis LIVE at ANNA’S JAZZ ISLAND, an intricate blend of Jazzy melodies and funky grooves which not only captures the smoldering  passion of Zoe’s soul stirring vocals, but also marks the producing debut of Dave Ellis, renowned saxophonist and Zoe’s big brother. … Continue reading

Reflections with N’Dambi

Although she’s not a newcomer to the music scene there are still many who are just becoming familiar with vocalist / songwriter N’Dambi. Garnering critical acclaim from her 3 independently released recordings N’Dambi has also developed an enthusiastic and supportive fan base that’s sure to grow with the release of her new recording PINK ELEPHANT … Continue reading

Reflections of Don Cherry: An Adventure in Sound

In memory of music innovator Don Cherry: born November 18, 1936 Transitioned: October 19, 1995… The following is from an interview / conversation that I was honored to share with one of music’s truly creative sources in 1994. The interview was originally published in the August 1994 issue of Jazz Now Magazine. Don’s soulful creativity can … Continue reading

Reflections with Kev Choice

One of the most dynamic musicians today is pianist/emcee/bandleader Kev Choice who combines the dexterity of his masterful piano skills with Hip Hop aesthetic to create a signature sound that moves the body and mind. Recently I had the pleasure to speak with Kev about his views on various aspects of the music, artist responsibility, … Continue reading